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HUAYUAN provides card manufactures with a reliable and convenient semi-product for the manufacture of finished contactless cards, Inlay stands for Pre-laminated.

HUAYUAN Inlay is using together of the different layers of thermoplastic material into one homogeneous sheet, sealed RFID transponder parts hermetically. After the RFID transponder parts have been embedded into the carrier material and assembled. Then card manufactures could make card by single layer of Inlay together the both side of preprinting layer under pressure and high temperature in lamination press machinery to embed RFID carrier and assembling a finished contactless RFID card. This pre-laminated or Inlay structure is ideal for making pre-printed cards with many security features using standard card production processes.

HUAYUAN Inlay could incorporate pre-winding coil or ultrasonic embedding copper antenna, even FLIP chip etching antenna upon the customer's requirements. The Inlay can be made of material PVC, PET, etc. We could develop any size and shape of antenna that can be adapted to the specific requirements of the customer. Customers can also select different sheet formats such as 3x7, 5x5, 3x8, 4x8, 4x6, 2x5, 2x4 or other customized layouts. To facilitate card production, our Inlay come with trimmed reference edges and optional printed cross marks and registration holes. Reliability, durability and prefect electrical performance, compliant with divers standards.

HUAYUAN Inlay is ideal semi-products for laminating contactless card, tag applications such as automated fare collection , access control, e-Payment and identification.
Item Specification
Operating Frequency LF 125KHz, HF 13.56MHz, UHF GLOBAL 860MHz-960MHz
Standard ISO14443,ISO15693,ISO 18000
Material PVC, PET
Dimension 310mm x 468mm, Max. size 520mm x420mm, A4 210mm x297,
Layout 3x7, 5x5,3x8,4x8,4x6, 2x5,2x4, or any Customization of CR80 card or any unit antenna size
Thickness HF normal 0.45mm,0.5mm, min.0.3mm ,
LF normal ,0.6mm, Min. 0.5mm
UHF 0.6mm, 0.5mm
Antenna HF: AL Etching, Pre-winding Copper coil, Altrasonic Embeding;
LF: Pre-winding Copper Coli, AL Etching;
UHF: AL Etching
Bonding LF: Wire Bonding,
HF: FLIP chip, Wire Bonding, MOA2,
UHF: FLIP chip
Read range more than 50mm with our reader
Working temperature -25℃ ~ +55℃
Store temperature -25℃ ~ +65℃
Applications Key Features
■ RFID Semi-products for Card Manufactory ■ Covered all RFID Inlay frequency LF, HF and UHF;
■ Automated fare collection ■ Customized formats and chips available;
■ Identification ■ Highest mechanical durability and lifetime
■ Access control ■ High yield rates in card production
■ e-Payment ■ Can be processed with standard card manufacturing equipment
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