Working in a Business Center often means: Increased Productivity

COLLECTION Business Centers GmbH, July 5, 2018

Labor-efficiency is one of the key terms revolving around the definition of Modern Work Environments – a target companies and entrepreneurs strive to improve constantly, with its overall premise in mind: Best possible results at the lowest possible cost. In recent years, many international studies have shown consistently that Business Centers are ideal places to enhance productivity.

„We always keep a keen eye on reports and findings published by experts researching labor psychology and renowned scientific institutions“, explains Dr André Helf, CEO of Collection Group, „for example: We recently came across a report published by the world-renowned Fraunhofer Institute. It stated that extra motivation in the work environment very much depends on the overall satisfaction of the employee – which is influenced by the attractiveness of the office space and factors such as functionality of the equipment as well as the interior design. Modern and aesthetically appealing furniture are part of the Five-Star-Standard that comprises the claim of every COLLECTION Business Center: Luxurious ambience, top location, lean structures, short distances.“

Business Centers have become more and more attractive for many entrepreneurs because increased productivity is palpable to most users – according to a global study conducted by the British company ZZA Responsive User Environments among 17,000 business center clients, most respondents appreciate the cost efficiency and greatly increased scalability business centers can offer, resulting in much higher productivity. The advantages are obvious, according to Dr. Helf: „Our clients don’t have to worry about issues like equipment malfunctions or building repairs – if problems arise from those areas, we take care of them immediately. Those are headaches our customers don’t need, they can totally focus on their core business. There are no long-term lease obligations or other binding scenarios which may be difficult to keep, depending on market developments. We don’t want our clients to experience cost pressures.“

Another important aspect for many business center clients: Synergy effects. An important cogwheel in COLLECTION’s concept: „Almost all COLLECTION Business Centers offer common spaces such as tea and coffee bars in order to facilitate meeting areas for our tenants. Since we are constantly in a dialogue with our customers, we know that those places have become hubs for the exchange of ideas and creative thinking as well as motivational dynamics, thereby setting impulses for individual productivity increases. A scenario we greatly appreciate, since it allows us to offer a variety of different work environments: the seclusion and privacy of single offices as well as common areas and coworking spaces. Our customers decide.“

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