Welsh Government install more outdoor displays

Digital Media Systems, April 17, 2017

The Welsh Government have installed 3 more outdoor digital display screens at historic CADW sites over the last two weeks.

The project takes the total to 5 weather and vandalproof units which are managed centrally from the head offices of CADW, at Nantgarw.

The solutions are built from the ground up for outdoor use and so do not encounter the same problems that enclosure based offerings can.
Each unit has a built in advanced HVAC unit which keeps the hermetically sealed upper compartment at a typical temperature of ~22c. This ensures that the critical components required to deliver flawless service are kept within the manufacturers recommended range.

All the outdoor displays have 4mm+4mm thermally treated, laminated glass and have been drop tested with a steel ball weighing 43kg from a height of 3m with no damage to the glass.

The units are designed to withstand the toughest of conditions within the environment, be it weather, vandal or solar. The proven solutions are installed throughout Europe from city centre info points to historic monuments like the castles in Wales, from Hastings sea front up the nuclear facilities in the highlands of Scotland.

Watch a video here of one unit being installed: https://youtu.be/il1dH9H8-lU

The projects have been delivered by the approved partner, Digital Media Systems, Elland, UK

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