The Gate - Things my Mother told Me: a novel by Stan I.S. Law

, January 4, 2009

Montreal, Canada. INHOUSEPRESS presents an intimate novel of an eighty-year-old woman spending the autumn of her life at The Institute of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. In addition, Stan Law explores daily vicissitudes of Alzheimer’s and dementia. “The Gate is a magnificent and haunting book.” [Kate Jones, writer, editor, Pasadena, USA]

Though struggling with the unforgiving progression of her husband’s Alzheimer’s, her spiritual resilience enables her to escape into an inner world filled with delight and, surprisingly, abundant humour. Her own
advancing dementia metamorphoses her memories into a realm of youthful enchantment. “I still see her smile, behind my closed eyelids, whenever I think of her,” writes her son. “It is by far her most lasting gift." The Gate (ISBN 9780978026707) is available from all major online distributors,,, Barns and Noble, Froogle, AurthorsDen,, or directly from INHOUSEPRESS.

What other people say: “A moving story of the final years of a Polish émigrée's life, The Gate draws you in with subtlety, wit, compassion and faith. An intriguing and captivating look at the last sixty years of western culture that holds you even though we all know how her story is going to end.” [Bryn Symonds, writer, Canada] “This beautiful nostalgic, sometimes humorous, memoir of Mrs. Kordos's life as she slowly slips into her own world is a book not to be missed. Truly remarkable!” [Madeleine Whitthoeft, Pointe Claire, Qc]

“The Gate is a thought-provoking experience whose characters represent fleeting fragments of what we see in ourselves.” [Adam Goldman, writer, Montreal]. “The writing has classical grandeur and poetic beauty, the characters are vividly drawn, especially the nurses' helper, a giant of a man named Raphael whose sensitivities and erudition match the author's. This is a jewel of a piece of writing, with an honesty that makes transcendence and incontinence equally noble a part of the narrative. If you value the life of the mind, this book is for you.” [Kate Jones, writer/editor, Pasadena, USA]

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