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Bitclub Network, May 8, 2015

Forever Green / FGXpress is an US - american listed company currently causing a sensation around the world. In 2014 the Utah – based company with its more than 300 percent growth (FVRG) is presently ranking among the most expansive sales companies worldwide.

Due to the opening of the European warehouse as well as the official licensing of the three products launched onto the EU - market (Powerstrips, Solarstrips and Beautystrips) the focus will now be emphasized also on the extremly potent European market.

Once a month thousands of European prospective customers are already receiving quasi their GRATIS FG-products, due to the extraordinary trend-setting recommendation program.

Forever Green / FGXpress ignores completely the retail market according to the popular becoming “Factory-Outlet-Principle“ and the customer is directly provided by the manufacturer. Once a week this money saved is distributed to the customer and introducer corresponding to a special key.

The “Xtreme-Team“ integrated into the captive distribution channel of one of the most expansive teams has managed an exceptionally coup.
In this case there has been generated a FULLY AUTOMATED information and customer / business partner recovery program (B2B- and B2C-area) according to the most modern realization in online-marketing.

This special German and English language information & multiplication system is no longer addressed only to entrepreneurs, distributors and motivated newcomers but notably also to ONLINE-MARKETER and AFFILIATE-PROFIS.

As per Jörg D. Wittke, the founder of the Xtreme-Teams and initiator of the online-modules - “these professional categories are participating in opportunities to earn money far in excess of normal limits thanks to the combination of the already extremely successful and expansive FG-system plus this ultra-modern online-marketing-tool.

For detailed information please join our daily LIVE webinars, every hour – as off 11 am till 11 pm – duration approx. 25 minutes -

Your contact Arno Balzer will be at your disposal for any further questions -

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