Promusa modernizes its Public Housing Promotion Management with Polymita

Polymita, March 31, 2011

The Public Promotion Entities Management Platform developed with Polymita helps the promoter of Sant Cugat’s City Hall to optimize their resources and their management procedures.

Promusa has automated, within its Director Technology Plan, Its protocols of Building, Urbanization and Allocation of Protected Housing with a Polymita-based case management solution.

Now 20 years ago the City Hall of Sant Cugat, one with higher growth in Spain with 81.506 inhabitants, founded PROMUSA, a private society whose objective is to facilitate access to housing for its citizens. In addition to conducting urban management, Promusa has already delivered more than 1,300 public housing, built 17.000m2 offices, car parks and premises and has hosted more than 120 companies.

The Processes consultancy and implementation of Polymita realized by Enzyme Advising Group (specialist in Business Process Management and Certified Partner of Polymita) has improved control and coordination of its procedures and users, and the unification of information has become a reality. For the Promoter of Sant Cugat City Hall, automation with Polymita brought greater accuracy in the management of its activities, an improvement in its service quality, time savings in execution and sales cycle of its assets and, in general, an improvement in efficiency and effectiveness through monitoring, control and continuous improvement of its processes.

Polymita provides to the electronic administration, the most modern applications of structured and unstructured processes management systems, personalized dashboards, advanced alert systems of event processes control, task lists, an advanced records viewer and new features for automatic generation of documents based on the processes information and the integration with other Microsoft Office and OpenOffice family products.

About Enzyme
Enzyme Advising Group is a company specialized in services and technological innovative solutions of business management that provide a top and transverse management of the business, resulting in a maximization of the control, the coordination and the efficiency of the company. They are expert in disciplines BPM, technologies BPMS and SaaS services
Enzyme is a Polymita Certified Partner.

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