Lean Management: A Top Priority in Business Centers

COLLECTION Business Centers GmbH, July 24, 2018

It is one of the most important business philosophies of modern times: Lean management structures have become a staple in corporate improvements. World-renowned academic institutions are researching what the best approach to the task might be – the most accepted definition of Lean Management has recently been published by the London School of Economics, with the following basic elements:
1. Better capital efficiency by cutting fiscal extravaganza
2. Optimization of processes according to clients’ wishes
3. Cost-reduction by shortening cycle-times
4. Anchoring of a sustainable improvement culture
5. Quality of product and service enhancements
6. Increase of staff-potential through dialogue and creative exchange

Business Centers offer the best platform to implement these guidelines. Dr André Helf, CEO of Collection Group, is familiar with the research results published by international top universities und works continuously to meet the challenges posed by COLLECTION’s customers: “In comparison to traditional commercial rentals, the choices we offer are revolutionary. Our clients can opt for the size of place and the length of stay according to the budgets put forward in their business plans. There is no more efficient way of dealing with the use of space in relation to the funds allocated. On top of that, our leases don’t contain long-term notices, which often enough prove to be a major burden for many enterprises. Office space that’s not needed doesn’t have to be paid for.”

The optimization of corporate processes often starts with business-savvy thinking, particularly on behalf of the employees. Dr Helf explains the importance of building a work environment conducive to such constructive endeavor: “In our business centers, people are used to short distances, nobody needs to cut corners. People talk to each other, creative exchange is extremely important. That’s why we promote coworking spaces such as lounges, coffee-bars and common sitting areas. We know that many divisions of various different corporate levels are involved in sequences revolving around improvements of processes and cost optimization. Just about every employee is part of the team and carries responsibility, resulting in a steady flow of new qualification models as well as motivational platforms that did not exist until very recently.”

Business Centers have turned into staples of added value: High productivity on one hand, enormous potential to save costs on the other hand, paired with sustainable human resources management. “Lean Structures – that’s a key strategy to success for many companies,” according to Dr Helf, “which is exactly why we are doing our very best to provide the necessary conditions for our customers.”

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