Koincable Wants Consumers to Know How Their Cables Are Made

Koincable, February 3, 2019

Guangdong Province, China - The demand for HDMI cables continue to rise and there is no sign of it slowing down. Koincable, a China-based manufacturer of cables and adapters, has foreseen this trend. Because of this, they want their customers to see what goes on during the manufacturing process of their products. This way, they will know that the company only produces top-quality cables from high-end materials.

“The competition on this business is growing and we want to make sure that we are among those on the top. We want our customers to know that we will always strive to deliver them high-quality HDMI or USB cables because this will help both of us. They are happy with their products and we get to keep a strong reputation.” Koincable’s international sales manager stated, addressing what the company wants consumers to know about them.

The manufacturing process starts with choosing the best raw materials. Koincable has a team of experts that will carefully examine the raw materials and find the appropriate solutions to issues regarding quality, availability, and constraints of the materials.

The next step is Cable Assembly. This step is critical as it will involve checking the performance of the cables. Skilled workers have to make sure that all cables have stable performance. They also see to it that they are made according to the required design and that all wires are processed that meets standard dimensions.

The third step is Crimping. In this step, Koincable uses high-end machines to make sure that the cables are capable of smooth data transmissions.

The fourth step is Soldering and Molding. This step can be achieved either manually or through advanced machines from the company’s own <a href="https://www.koincable.com/hdmi-cables-beginners-guide/">HDMI cable factory</a>
. This is necessary to double check for any welding issues so that all products are done without any defects.

The fifth step is Assembly. All products are assembled properly by the company’s skilled workers before they are packed. They also do final testing to make sure that all products adhere to their requirements.

After delivering the products to clients, the company will still provide after-sale services. Aside from making sure that all products are delivered on-time to their respective destinations, they also offer repair, logistics, and technology support.

“Client satisfaction is always our goal, but we want to extend it further. We want to establish a long-term partnership with them. This is why we are very particular with the production of our cables. We want them to trust us and be the first thing that comes to their minds when purchasing cables for their businesses.” The company’s sales manager shared when asked about their clients.
About Koincable

Koincable is a manufacturer of cables and adapters for more than thirteen years now. The China-based company also creates other products including USB cables and adapters, USB-C, and DisplayPort. Their wealthy experience and knowledge give them the confidence that they can deliver different requirements of their customers.

For any questions regarding the company and the products and services they offer, please contact them through the following details:

Email: info@koincable.com
Telephone No.: 0086-769-22885121
Fax: 0086-769-22885120
Website: www.koincable.com

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