#itsnotvisible – decals that make a difference

Signomatic.co.uk, June 26, 2017

Signomatic is now launching the campaign #itsnotvisible in cooperation with Mental Health Europe (MHE). The aim is to increase knowledge and reduce the shame of mental health issues. With the help of decals Signomatic wants to encourage people to start talking about an illness that is still considered taboo, and to help in efforts to tackle mental health issues.


The sign manufacturer Signomatic started selling plastic signs online in 2008. Since then, the range has expanded rapidly. Over two million signs have now been supplied to over 80 different countries around the world. Signomatic is what you might call a success story, but getting to this point has not always been easy.

The history of Signomatic

Signomatic was founded by two cousins, David Engstrand and John Eskilsson. David, with a background in programming, had discovered that there were limited options for ordering signs online. He spoke to John about the idea of allowing people to design their own signs their way. Before John had time to give some thought to the business concept, David had already completed the software and bought the first sign machine. Signomatic grew rapidly into the success it is today. Outwardly everything seemed fine, but that wasn’t the whole story. A year or so after the company launched, David started to experience mental health problems, which proved to be life-changing. After two years of illness, David took his own life.

Decals that make a difference

The campaign #itsnotvisible has been set up in partnership with MHE to honour David and all those who suffer in silence with mental health issues. While everything appears fine on the outside, things can be different on the inside. Mental health problems are something that many people still find it hard to talk about publicly, and they are often invisible. In offering decals with the hashtag #itsnotvisible Signomatic wants to break the taboo around mental health issues, i.e. making the invisible visible. The decals are available in a variety of sizes and can be ordered on Signomatic’s website. All proceeds from the sale of decals will go to the organisation Mental Health Europe (MHE), which actively strives for a society that is aware of mental health issues and takes action to tackle them, and where individuals with mental health problems are respected and get the support they need, so that no one takes their own life. For more information about the campaign, visit: www.signomatic.co.uk/itsnotvisible

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