i.b.s.® is operating a rnew epresentative office in Vilnius up from Januar 2019!

i.b.s. International Oerative Services e.K., December 17, 2018

As we strive each and every day reach better results up from the high level our company is still performing we decided open up a further representative office in Lithuania would increase the abilities of our services to the next level.

In the framework of our services in the fields of Armed Transport Escort Security (https://www.ibs-ops.com/en/services/armed-transport-security-escorts/) we choose Vilnius as the capital of Lithuania is a very good spot for such representative office as well by having a very short way of communication with the very professionell local police forces.

Therefor up from the 01. of January 2019 we are ready to assist our clients especially from the international Military Forces via our offices in Germany and now our additional new representative office in Vilnius with a local country representative staying mainly as well in Klaipeda for their very sensitive goods to be safe and secure during transports wether on sea, air, rail or land with destinations in Lithuania or going through.

Besides our other services like armed maritime security (https://www.ibs-ops.com/en/services/armed-maritime-security-ship-security-cyber-threat/) and further similar commercial security services in the field of supply chain security that will be another mile stones in our more then 22 years company history!




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