Hydrocleaners: Faster than a broom

Casals Online, April 28, 2015

Hydrocleaners can easily sweep away all surfaces of all sizes such as balconies, entrances, decks, garages and access roads around the home. The innovative mobile brushes adapts to uneven floor, thus ensuring a good cleaning efficiency.

Uses the system and pressure water for cleaning with efficiency multiple spaces, machinery or parts of the outer floor. With it we can work with water of different temperatures:

Hydrocleaners high pressure hot water
Achieve greater cleaning efficiency without additional pressure. The Kärcher limapodoras noted for its ease of use and advanced technological level.
Vertical Cleaners
The powerful and sturdy vertical range convinces with its high maneuverability, portability and intuitive operation. Ideal for the construction industry and related professions, freelancers, business enterprises or service providers cleaning.

Compact Range of the Hydrocleaners
Innovative technology - easy handling: The compact range is characterized by the concept of management using a single control, chassis with integrated reservoir and integrated hose reel

Hydrocleaners are pressure washers using cold water.
Daily cleaning of apparatus, equipment, vehicles and buildings: With high pressure and high water flow, high pressure cleaners cold water also removes stubborn dirt. Ideal for cleaning large surfaces.
Well equipped for long hard work cycles: With high-pressure Hydrocleaners Cold water middle class equipment and appliances, and vehicles and grounds, with all cleaned quickly and effectively.
Upper range
Cleaning works in construction and agriculture, as well as the muncipiales companies, requires maximum power and performance. Pressure, water flow and the general features of the models of the upper class are specifically conceived and adapted to these application areas.

Special high pressure Hydrocleaners
Designed for application where the exhaust gases are bothersome or prohibited: In sanitation, hospitals, industrial kitchens or public pools, find your ideal scope of this pressure washer with electric heat, smoke exhaust.

Hydrocleaners combustion engine
Wherever it lacks an outlet, high pressure cleaners with combustion engines - optionally can also run on bio-diesel - ensure maximum levels of flexibility and autonomy.

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