High-Security Art Storage

Shanda Consult Ltd, October 15, 2018

High-security storage facilities for fine art and other art objects, transport, installations

It is our true passion for art that drives us to protect fine art, sculptures and installations in our dedicated high-security storage facilities in Liechtenstein. Art storage service is our passion.

Art Storage

We are storing art in our specially designed facilities for artists, galleries and art collectors from Europe, the Middle East and Far East.

Our high-security storage facilities are fully climate-controlled, providing an excellent environment to protect art.

Our art storage is arranged as a bonded warehouse, meaning that no custom duties or VAT need to be paid when storing fine art and art objects with us.

Our licensed art storage facilities are fully audited by our insurance providers. Art stored with us is fully insured in the name of the customer, and the insurance premium is included in our competitive storage fee.

Art storage is provided either in general storage rooms or in individual private storage rooms or storage departments, allocated to the customer.

Our art storage services are suitable for (almost) any size and weight.

Our art storage facilities are equipped with its own show rooms, available for our customers at any time.
Art Transport

We provide world-wide specialised art transport, from or to our facilities in Liechtenstein. We are also providing art transports to and from exhibition locations.
Art Exhibitions

We are happy that artists trust our services and store their paintings and art objects with us. For artists working with us we are providing initiation and organisation of art exhibitions in various European locations, including installation and dismantling of the exhibits and their transports.

Advantages of our art storage services

- Liechtenstein is a sovereign country, providing the highest security for private ownership in Europe;
- Liechtenstein is one of only four countries worldwide without any public debts;
- Liechtenstein has the lowest crime rate in Europe;
- There is no cluster risk like in Zurich and thus there is no over-insured area in Liechtenstein, providing lower insurance premiums;
- Our private, anonymous and secure surrounding ensures discrete art storage;
- Fair and competitive rates;
- No workforce fluctuation at our facilities ensures even more discretion for our art storage;
- We cooperate with several auction houses and galleries in Europe;
- Own art showroom and infrastructure;
- Bonded warehouse (VAT free zone);
- Organization of transport and coordination of art exhibitions;
- Individual and Taylor-made insurance, insurance certificates issued by the insurance company in our customers’ name.

For technical details, please view our brochure.

Note: The insurance company does not permit us to show more photos of our art storage facilities than the photos in the brochure. You are very welcome to contact us through the below form (or give us a call) to discuss your needs and our solutions for art storage, art transport, organisation of art exhibitions and more.

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