Gravity – New startup incubator in Nicosia

Shanda Consult Ltd, May 10, 2018

Gravity Ventures, a new venture building incubator has entered the Cypriot market with the aim to support local and international business founders and start-ups for their development and their entrance into international markets.
Gravity is located in Nicosia, in the capital of Cyprus. It is comprised of a specialized team with extensive experience and expertise in the field of Research, Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurial issues.

Their approach is different from the usual incubators and goes beyond the basic incubation services and period. At Gravity, they guide business and startup founders from the very early stages (original idea) and assist them in all the necessary steps throughout their journey until they become mature ventures. They foster innovation through constant interaction and by empowering the founders to achieve real impacts.

At Gravity, they have the know-how, the resources and an innovative approach to develop mature and sustainable businesses. They have developed a distinctive support programme which can be adjusted to the needs of each startup and it is not constrained by a pre-defined structure.

The Gravity team works closely with the founders, providing them hands-on support, mentoring and a state-of-the-art working space, which provides IT, electronics and prototyping infrastructure. Moreover, they provide early-stage pre-seed funding, assistance in business development services, in further fundraising and in accessing the market.

The Gravity service offerings include:
- Idea Validation
- Business Modelling
- Mentoring
- Testing
- Pitching
- Commercialization
- Value Proposition Development
- Product Design
- Prototyping
- Intellectual Property Rights
- Funding

Gravity’ founder is CyRIC (Cyprus Research and Innovation Center), the only certified Business Innovation Center (BIC) in Cyprus certified by the European Business Network, which provides research and innovation services, developing and prototyping of innovative products for the international market.
The Startup environment in Cyprus

Cyprus is rapidly developing as a centre for Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and Research and Development (R&D) and it provides an excellent environment for startups, including startup incubators, networks of startup entrepreneurs, R&D centres (both privately run and of universities), and startup angel investors. For more information about the main startup supporters and R&D centre in Cyprus please read our respective article.

Cyprus has introduced a Startup Visa scheme for third-country nationals who wish to reside and invest in innovative businesses in Cyprus.
For more information and for a personalized consultation regarding the a Cyprus Startup Visa please feel free to contact us.

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