German language skills vital for success in post-Brexit Britain

Olesen Tuition | The German Lessons Specialist in London and Online, January 27, 2018

While the German language has become increasingly unpopular as school subject for GCSE and A-level exams, the demand for German lessons amongst professionals and corporates in the UK, and particularly in London, has grown rapidly in the last ten years. If anything is clear about Britain's future after Brexit- and not much is clear at this stage- then it is that fluency, or at least working proficiency, in German will be vital for success in the years to come.

The reason why UK companies will want to hire employees with advanced German language skills or invest in German language training for existing staff is obvious. Germany's economy has been going strong for the past decade, and it will continue to grow if forecasts by business experts are anything to go by. Since trade between the UK and Germany has been instrumental to the economic strength of both countries in the past fifty years, the UK’s decision to leave the European Union means that old ties will have to be renewed and new trade deals be agreed upon between the two economies. It is here that German language skills will be crucial as they help build trust among business partners in Germany and assures them that they are being appreciated as clients.

Having taught hundreds of corporate clients in the past 19 years of teaching the German language, Jens Olesen’s tuition has been credited as essential in forming and maintaining business partnerships between companies from both countries. The founder of Olesen Tuition, a London-based German language school specialising in bespoke German lessons, small group classes and in-company German language training for corporates and employees in London and abroad, Jens has build a reputation in offering German language instruction tailored to his clients’ objectives and their specific industry. Jens has taught employees and CEO’s for companies ranging from architecture, consulting, finance, and IT to law firms, marketing and PR agencies, as well as real estate. Having brought thousands of clients to fluency in German and may more to intermediate level, Olesen Tuition will continue to help UK companies to boost their business in German-speaking countries and make Brexit a success for them.

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