Flexi Smart Contingency House Insurance

We Help You Too Ltd, March 23, 2017

UK Homebuyers can get moving

Homebuyers are often contacted by a Solicitor when exchange of contracts is planned.
The Solicitor needs sight of a valid building Insurance policy for the planned property purchase. A lender requirement is that Building Insurance is provided by the Buyer on exchange of contracts.

Avoid Delays

This requirement can cause delays and Solicitors cannot move to exchange unless they have seen sight of the building Insurance. If the Buyer already owns a property, then they would need to contact their insurers and discuss what would be required to get this new property covered.

This situation doesn’t provide the Homebuyer with an opportunity to make an informed decision on which Insurance company to use going forward simply because the property may not get to exchange of contracts.

Flexi Smart paves the way for a smooth Exchange

Flexi Smart Contingency House Insurance provides UK buyers with Building insurance cover between exchange of contracts and completion for up to 28 days.

Flexi Smart provides valuable thinking time after exchange of contracts for the Homebuyer to compare the market and establish which buildings, contents insurance meets their new needs.

UK Solicitors Benefit

The Solicitor benefits as they can swiftly move to exchange with the knowledge that they have the Flexi Smart Contingency House insurance in place that starts on the exchange of contracts date.
The Solicitor if instructed by the Homebuyer, can order the Flexi Smart policy using the Onesearch Direct ordering portal.

We Help You Too Ltd

In conjunction with We Help You Too Ltd who manages the Homebuyer Conveyancing panel, they now include the ability for Homebuyers using the online Conveyancing comparison tool, to add either Exchange Insurance or Flexi Smart or they may decide to take out both.
Homebuyers go online and use the We Help You Too conveyancing comparison service and Solicitor finder service.

They compare conveyancing quotes by price, location and by Mortgage Lender without entering any personal details. When ready they can take a quote away, decide if the insurances are of interest and if so add to their quote. At the same time booking a timed call from their chosen Conveyancer so that they can discuss their quote.

Smart Conveyancing

A smarter approach to conveyancing which supports the Lender, Homebuyer and Solicitor.

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