Diamond bits: Things to know about your diamond bits

Casals Online, May 6, 2015

Today we solve all your questions about the diamond bits, so do not hesitate and read this article:

How long can i use my diamond bits?

Your life depends on several factors: speed, lubricant, pressure and density of the material you are using.
If you are drilling sea glass, for example, which can be thousands of years old and do not know the origin of the glass it will be difficult to make the calculation. While some have achieved more than 250 holes in sea glass with your diamond bits!
The same applies for drilling holes in porcelain plates, can be estimated to be able to drill 15 holes with a drill with your diamond bits, or more! but it is difficult to really know the answer .

The problems with overheating, speed, pressure and diamonds from a distance ?

If there is a burning smell, back off! It may be that your speed is too high or the pressure is too much for the diamond bits. The drill should never be hot to the touch, not even warm.
Start slow and increase as the bit, but the ideal is to constantly stay on the lowest setting on your drill speed. If the speed is too high this will cause the bit to overheat.
The general rule is the smaller is the drill diameter, the faster drilling speed can be used.
If you have any problems, remember:
Lower speed
Minimum pressure

Is it safe to use water near my drill?

When drilling any type of material you should always wear goggles and protective clothing to prevent any piece of flying debris causing injury. The same amount of care should be applied when the water near your drill is used.
Well water can be fed to the material through a pump, a tap running, a trickle or its material can be immersed in water about 1 cm covers ensuring the material to be drilled.
If you are drilling a tile in the wall can be used Rubi tools that give a steady trickle of water without danger.

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