Cyprus Company Registrations - Shanda Consult outperforms the market

Shanda Consult Ltd, October 10, 2017

Cyprus company registrations increased 30% since the crises in 2013, as per October 2017.

Shanda Consult is proud to announce that the number of Cyprus company registrations through Shanda Consult increased by almost 40% during the last 4 years.

Thus, the quality of services and consulting of Shanda Consult clearly paid out and resulted in the company's out-performance of the market.

Cyprus is increasingly attracting international businesses as the preferred place to do business.

Due to its proximity to the Middle East markets and due to the business-friendly low taxation of business profits and personal incomes, Cyprus attracts global businesses as a jurisdiction for regional or global headquarters.

The return of confidence of international businesses in Cyprus since the crises in March 2013 is well reflected in the annual amount of company registrations in Cyprus.

Especially interesting is the EU accession of Cyprus. During first years after Cyprus’ EU accession (2004) saw the industry booming. International businesses understood the substantial advantages of EU harmonisation of the laws of Cyprus, now benefiting from the single-market advantage, EU-wide tax legislation, EU directives such as, for example, the EU Parent Subsidiary Directive, and many more.

The annual number of Cyprus company registrations reached 13.645 at the end of 2016, up from only 10.847 in 2013. Based on the number of company registrations until 31 August 2017, the total number of Cyprus company registrations is expected to reach 14.200 at the end of 2017.

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