COLLECTION Business Center reports: very successful year so far

COLLECTION Business Centers GmbH, November 19, 2018

Management is very satisfied with the course of business in 2018, and both new COLLECTION Business Centers at Stuttgart City Koenigstrasse and Dusseldorf City Kaiserswerther Strasse have earned a tremendous amount of esteem among customers.

Demand is very high: both new business centers are currently almost booked to full capacity – even though summer months traditionally experience a slowdown in client inquiries. Besides Dusseldorf City Dreischeibenhaus, COLLECTION’s first business center in Dusseldorf and already under full operation since last year, the company’s second business center in North Rhine-Westphalia’s capital has been a hit among customers – almost the entire space at Kaiserswerther Strasse was leased out just a few weeks after the grand opening. The same proved true for Stuttgart’s almost 1,300 square meters of space. COLLECTION Business Center even went as far as re-allocating certain areas: Conference rooms had to be transformed to team offices in both Dusseldorf and Stuttgart.

Only one and half year after entering the market, COLLECTION now has six business centers under full operation. Contracts for two further locations in Cologne and in Hamburg have been signed recently – both will open in 2020. Apparently, the company’s philosophy has struck a nerve with customers’ needs and wishes: Aside from the top locations in major economic hubs, clients highly appreciate the five-star design and the dedication to utmost discretion, highly efficient and top-of-the-line technological equipment as well as the professional support by well-trained staff members at the centers. COLLECTION’s services comprise single and group offices under time-flexible lease conditions, coworking spaces, virtual offices, conference rooms as well as lounges and coffee bars.

Management has consequently decided to expand further: The goal is to open one more center at each of the current locations Dusseldorf, Hamburg, Stuttgart, Frankfurt and Vienna. To increase growth, the search is also on for new locations in Berlin, Munich, Zurich and Luxembourg. Demand in each of these cities is extraordinarily high.

CEO Dr André Helf summarizes current market conditions: "We can’t expand as fast as we need new locations. Naturally, our clients like the fact that they can rent space without long-term contractual obligations combined with the additional value of being able to adjust their space sizes according to necessity and economic reason. Our clients mix has a very wide range, underscoring the fact that demand comes from all kinds of different business genres."


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