Beauty Influencer Paija Hudson Encourages Periscope To Honor Black History Month

All World PR, February 18, 2016

Founder of Beauty ‘Scopers’ And Los Angeles Based Makeup Artist Gets The Popular Social Media App To Include Black History Month In It’s Hashtags And Heart Emojis.

Popular Periscope Broadcaster and Summit Live speaker Paija Hudson, known to her followers as PJLovesPJ, made history after encouraging the live streaming app to include Black History Month in its celebrations and onscreen interactions. While floating hearts, turkeys, footballs, etc filled the screens of many broadcasts no recognition of Black History was to be found, that’s when Paija with the support of other broadcasters decided to take action. Within the same day, not only did Periscope watch Paija’s broadcast and respond, a black history month emoji joined the hearts, turkeys, footballs and more.

The Periscope app uses hashtags and floating hearts during each broadcast to allow users to interact, similar to likes and hearts on facebook and instagram. During special events and holidays the app pays homage by creating specialized hashtags and emoticons, i.e. if you include #Thanksgiving in your title it activates floating turkeys, or using #sb50 activates footballs for Super Bowl 50. ”A few of the broadcasters and myself noticed that there was no special hashtag for Black History Month so we reached out to twitter,” said Paija. “Most people did not receive a reply and when they did it instructed them to use the emoji on twitter. While periscope was kind with their replies we refused to accept that as an answer.”

It was then that business broadcaster Ashley Ann (@ashleyannsevent) asked a group of Popular ‘scopers,’ including Paija to join in the effort. “Tony R. Sanders reached out to a viewer named Ry who is an artist and asked him to sketch the emoji,” said Paija, “which Tony then sent to Periscope. Rashauna Scott also checked the periscope website daily and sent twitter messages as well. I decided to do a live broadcast with the title ‘❤️Thank You Advance for @periscopeco @periscopehelp for a #blackhistory hashtag and heart Please share ❤️

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