No Club-Memberships: COLLECTION Business Center guarantees total flexibility

COLLECTION Business Centers GmbH, 27. Juni 2018

You pay what you book – this matter of principle has become a reliable staple for COLLECTION Business Center’s clients. While many competitors propose and sell club memberships with long-term commitments in order to grant their clients access to favorable conditions, COLLECTION’s products remain free of such binding obligations and are available to everyone – at attractive and reasonable prices.

„We made a conscious decision against club memberships,“ explains Dr André Helf, Collection Group’s CEO. „We don’t want to pressure our clients into a situation where they have to step over their limits of flexibility. Our customers determine how long they want to stay with us and how much space they need. That goes for all our locations. Our tenants have many options: If necessary, they can switch from a variety of different size rooms to virtual offices – at any time. And vice versa, if expansion has become essential and is within budget allowances. We think it is very important that our clients can make their decisions according to their business needs – club memberships, in our viewpoint, don´t serve as an advantage under those considerations.“

Many club membership programs offered by competing business centers have become cumbersome to understand – some appear like a tariff-jungle, as if concocted by a mobile phone operator. Many advertised advantages aren’t exactly visible off-hand, plus there is a lot of fine print hidden in the terms and condition sections. Dr Helf: „To many prospective customers, those kinds of tools aren’t attractive – on the contrary, most find them repulsive. As a result, introducing club membership programs are no option for us. Our price scales are very easy to understand and clearly structured. On top of that, our service team is always just a phone call away if there are any unanswered questions.“

According to Dr Helf, club memberships don’t help optimizing budget goals – one of the main advantages business centers offer their clients. He clarifies: „If I have to buy a long-term club membership to use a business center’s programs, my capital flexibility tends to dwindle down. That’s prohibitive for many companies. On the contrary, most businesses want to adjust their cost schedules to demands and necessities. Short-term flexibility is essential for quick responses to changing market conditions. Nobody wants to pay for non-used services. And that goes for young start-ups just as much as for well-established, international corporations. Since we monitor the market constantly and keep an open dialogue with our customers, we will continue to accommodate our clients as best we can. And that translates into: There will be no club memberships and additional cost burdens for our tenants.

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