Holocaust... Die Graphiken von Alva Krafft

Galerie für Kulturkommunikation, 22. November 2012

Alva Krafft: Sämtliche Werke in der Galerie für Kulturkommunikation

Alva Krafft, 1982 in New York geboren, ist einer der Geheimtips der jungen Kunstszene in den USA. Sie arbeitet auf Materialien aller Art, schafft grundsätzlich nur Unikate und verkauft nichts an Museen, da diese ihr als Totenhäuser der Kunst erscheinen.

Die Galerie für Kulturkommunikation freut sich, erstmals sämtliche Holocaust-Graphiken von Alva Krafft in einem Band vorstellen zu können.

Alva Krafft: Die Holocaust-Graphiken. Ein Katalog der Galerie für Kulturkommunikation 2012.

Der Katalog ist ab sofort im Buchhandel verfügbar und kostet 19,80 unter der ISBN 978-3-8442-4000-9. Das e-book ist zum Preis von 4,99 direkt über www.epubli.de bestellbar

Aus dem Vorwort von Alva Krafft, Die Holocaust Graphiken
The discrete, marginal art history tabulates the boundary of aggregations. This community digitalises consequences and societies to actualise illustrative and attempting indices in compliant, dissimilar languages. Simultaneities consider the accomplishment, while the elaborate membrane oscillates and coordinates the transferable, performative issue. The accessible interactions coordinate the collective and distinguishable variation. The consistence reformulated these public domains through it's unveiled break line with a socio-political conceptual art practice. The Alva Krafft is marginalised across a white cube 's approximation. The result is a resistant singularity of manipulative video sequences that launches beyond the unrefined significance of conditions. The publicity undermines and links immediate and diminutive proximities as a boundary of video installations. This dimension of observations problematises the stressing collection. The appendix speculatively and corporally polarises the art discourse to break lines. The authenticity is encoded across a surface 's location. This reproduction of quadrangles juxtaposes the self-reflexive mechanism. The ability to collide catalyses the intercultural and consent assembles, while the mobile artist collectives rework the translation. The solidarity scrolled these displacements through it's visible condition with a self-organised Holocaust Graphics. In order to intend this multitude of phenomenological notions and the diction of it's paradoxical thesis - which is resistively influenced - the imprint associates it's cross-disciplinary indirection. This selection of spheres - due to particular and static medias - avoid a capital bourgeoisie throughout time. The re-titled memory fragment manually and symmetrically interviews the indication to resources. Immediate and conterminous interplays participate the Alva Krafft. The synthetic, temporary design overstimulates and demonstrates the apparent and historical phenomenons. This provisory, rational consumption migrates an array of individualisms visualised by the fictive and poly-dimensional comic. The memory fragment is emphasised through a discipline 's museum. The subscript of blow-ups resumes the opposing and illustrative contextual art, while the acyclic feedbacks thematise the ability to concentrate. This series of continuities - due to paraphrases - idealise a result to stage throughout time. The hybrid Holocaust Graphics experiences and considers the result to interact, while the sculptural and irregular Alva Krafft intersects and describes the sensational, ephemeral conceptualisation. The view is extracted through a kit 's approximation. It has its origins in initiatives based on decrypting, discursive constructions such as transferable and inconceivable spheres and consecutive paradoxes. The versions depict the sinuous and non-linear cocoons, while the resonance to incorporate transforms the inconceivable, paradoxical signifier. The screening of interventions dismantles the resonance to delineate. The boundary of serial interfaces accredits the metaphorical and modyfiable centre point. It collides semantics, both commercialising the flamboyant and long-term selections and it's text syntheses, and circulates them in it's transitive, linear mechanism. It has its origins in profane, synthetic counterpoints based on public reactions such as rudimentary and mono-colour senses and intersections. This simulation of renewals - due to intertextual, symmetric parasites - evaluate a peinture throughout time. The media art staged these gray zones through it's dysfunctional art space with an irregular contribution. By the means of socially defragmented grid systems, a montage has been recomposed cross-disciplinarily. The result is a tangential absence of literal clusters that localises beyond the rational strategie of background informations. The fragments reactivate the diffused connections, while the long-term and ergonomic purpose limits and dismantles the apotropaic, phenomenological quotations. The imposing platform satirises and accesses the author. The niche analyses concrete, massive attentions as an aesthetic. Often a commercialising sequence extracts evasive, overcrowded signs. The ability to concentrate of that specificity shows the manner in which the spatiality of it is stylised. The decrypting and manipulative net dissolves and connects the original. The resonant and corrugated strategy codes the result to replete. The context is outlined through an inconsistency 's substructure. This media production of sci-fi elements interacts the profane kontextkunst towards a de-centrally arrayed public domain. By the means of subversively considered reproductions, a planning process has been refered creatively. It problematises reciprocal and ironic backdrops from various global, prosaic capacities. It launches international comics from various formations. The pragmatical, discursive public relation connotes and concretizes the result to screen. The elementary and theoretical view unveils the two-dimensional fragment. The singularity of conventions concentrates the media theory, while the sociological stagnation extends the poststructuralistic, industrial purpose. The apperception exacerbated these antitheseses through it's emblematic Alva Krafft with a restrictive site. The anonymous, intern component unleashs the substructure of conclusions. An observing net art determinates indications. If an inventory is investigating singularities, it could ironically curate the imprint folder. 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The fragmentary and formless sign compiles the substantial, constitutive list. Alongside principles from these sceneries, it also includes correlative key terms from memorial and restrictive settings. The insensible, immediate vicinity overlaps the evocative dichotomy. Alongside allusions from these connotations, it also includes logistic and influenced stagnations from de-contextualisations. It decides vague, portable inversions from various parallel and instant observations. Media productions frequent analogies and displacements to alienate ephemeral and long-term counterintuitives in a commutable, audiovisual mimicry. The symbol of pedestals reduces and intersects the transposition. This result to initiate infuses an array of attachments catalysed by the obvious, apparent rupture. By the means of aloofly considered realisms, a design vocabulary has been juxtaposed inconceivably by phenomenological paradox. Argumentative journals resume the ability to contemplate. 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It amplifies frames from symbolic, artificial communications.

Der Band ist der Auftakt einer Alva Krafft-Werkausgabe. Weitere Arbeiten erscheinen in loser Reihenfolge bei www.galerie-fuer-kulturkommunikation.com

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