2nd year of Špilberk Food Festival is coming

Mgr. Kateřina Bílková - GOVA, 3. března 2013

2nd year of Špilberk Food Festival is coming

10 – 12 May 2013
Špilberk castle

Brno, 27 February 2013 - With the arrival of spring the second year of Špilberk Food Festival will take place in the most important historical monument of Brno. After the successful first year we are bringing extraordinary gastronomic experience to all lovers of good food and delicious beverages provided by the most important chefs of the South Moravian Region.

What can you look forward to this year?

Delicious delicacies will be served directly from the master chefs under the open sky at the courtyards and terraces of the royal castle Špilberk. On this occasion, each restaurant will prepare exquisite specialties emphasizing their business philosophy, using top-class ingredients.

Also this year will be peppered with a rich accompanying program focused not only to the good food lovers but also to the general public, including families with children. The unique atmosphere of this festival of flavors and aromas will be enhanced by breathtaking views of the city of Brno and its surroundings.

2013 Špilberk Food Festival restaurants

The moment expected by all fans of high quality gastronomy is here.
There really is something to look forward, experienced chefs will again strike all your senses, from the traditional Czech cuisine, international specialties and across the range of unusual meats to completely unconventional insect menu. Imaginary icing on the cake can be the ice creams from the least expected ingredients or desserts of masterfully composed flavors.

We would like to introduce the festival restaurants that will take care of your taste buds this year.

Boulevard restaurant
BRABANDER restaurant
Hacienda Mexicana
Hotel Prestige
IL Mercato
Kavárna Era
KOISHI restaurant
Palazzo Restaurant
Restaurace Bonanza
Restaurant Noem Arch
Restaurant Pavillon
Ristorante Rialto
Sunset restaurant

Food and wine combination cannot be missing even this year

This year all participating entities will present only the Czech and Moravian wines of local origin made by domestic producers. An inseparable part of the event will be the possibility of not only tasting different culinary specialties but also numerous samples of various wines, just as last year. Visitors can also try a combination of selected wine and food, having greater gastronomic value than the experience of the food or the wine itself.

Guided tasting

The guided tasting will delight you again with fine wine and also the presence of experts in the subject that can talk about wine like no one else and introduce you into the mysteries of proper tasting, wine production and growing.
Due to the great interest in guided tastings in the past year, on-line pre-sales will be available for those interested in that. The exception will be Friday tastings that are included in the ticket price, and therefore can only be booked at the venue of the festival.

The accompanying program

Špilberk Food Festival will be started by a sabrage ceremony, traditionally performed by an expert of renown Janko Martinkovič – the co-owner of KOISHI restaurant.

The accompanying program will run over all the three days and every visitor will have the opportunity to enjoy their favorite show. The following agenda can be a small sample. On Saturday your favourite and always perfect Zdenek Pohlreich will be on the stage for the second time in his Interspar cooking show. You can look forward to the experimental molecular cuisine of Petr Koukolíček or Peter Stadnik’s dedicated presentation how to prepare a lobster even in your kitchen.

Newly also the cooking school

In the past year a culinary studio Divoká vařečka was introduced on the companion program stage. This year you will have the opportunity to attend a cooking school lead by Divoká vařečka. In advance we will only reveal that the subject will be the popular preparation of steaks. Just like for the guided tastings, you will have the opportunity to purchase tickets in an online presale.

Tea and coffee

Even this year we will not omit to introduce the section of coffee and tea where you will again meet your favorite Julius Meinl coffee and newly also Rioba coffee and a Super Premium Coffee Alto Grande. You will taste also a premium range of organic teas Julius Meinl Big Bag Organic including the teas from most renowned tea gardens Idalgashinna, Darjeeling Happy Valley and Jamguri.

The Festival Menu is now closer to you

In cooperation with Lunchtime.cz we have newly got our festival restaurant menus into your smartphones. Before the festival you will be able to download the application for free on our website www.SpilberkFoodFestival.cz.

And what about children?

The families can enjoy the children's attractions for their youngsters. They will enjoy lots of fun and the parents can have a deserved rest with a delicious savory bite.

A few operational and technical facts

How will the festival progress?

The entry to Špilberk Food Festival will be possible only with a valid ticket. A part of the ticket is a basic package festival money (Floren) that will be the only currency for that the festival visitors can purchase a tasting menu, drinks and other delicacies.
Additional festival money can be purchased at any time during the festival on specially marked places in the area.
One-day tickets will always be sold only on the specific day.

Ticket prices for 2013

The presale is likely to be launched during the month of March.


Presale: 1250 CZK
On site: 1450 CZK
The ticket price includes 750 CZK for consumption (30 Floren).
With the Friday tickets you can look forward to:
30 Floren in the basic package
Welcome Drink
Reduced area capacity for even greater comfort for the visitors
Ample accompanying program
Guided tastings
and more ...

Saturday and Sunday
Presale: 350 CZK
On site: 450 CZK
The ticket price includes a basic package of 250 CZK for consumption (10 Floren).

Festival currency
The festival currency will again be Floren. The value of a Floren is 25 CZK and one pack will contain ten pieces of Floren, ie. 250 CZK.

Opening hours
Friday 3:00 p.m. – 11:00 p.m.
Saturday 12:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.
Sunday 11:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.

In case of bad weather we will prepare large tents.

We look forward to you in May at the Brno castle.

Your ŠFF team


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